Your Top Asked Questions Answered by A Licensed Dietitian

How can I help my picky eater? What is a good snack idea for my busy life? Have a burning question about your kid’s nutrition needs? You’re not alone! Two of our expert dietitians, Elle and Dina, answer your most-asked questions about kids and nutrition.

Why You Need A Private Yoga Instructor

Namaste all day. But first, yoga. Let’s get down, dog. Yoga is clearly having a moment in pop culture and fashion but it’s so much more than just a cute trend. Yoga has been popular for thousands of years, so what is the key to its staying power? It gives students the chance to learn how to be present, to gain flexibility and strength, and to connect to our breath. The one problem? How do you fit it into your already crammed schedule? Today’s blog post breaks down yoga, what it is and who should do it, and how to find the right instructor for your budget, level, and lifestyle!

12 Things You Must Know Before Finding a Child Psychologist

Having children, one of life’s greatest joys, can sometimes feel like life’s greatest challenge. In these moments of struggle it is often advisable to work with a therapist but it is imperative that it is the right therapist for your child and for your family. The following tips can help you save time and money and prevent you from putting your child through a potentially unpleasant experience with a psychologist that isn’t a good fit.

Overcoming Fear: Dealing With Anxiety

5 Actions to Take When Anxiety Is Near   Action # 1 : Normalize Your Feelings The first and most important thing to do when experiencing anxiety is not to freak out and let it overcome you — this is easier said than done. However, a good first step is to tell yourself that it […]

Pediatric Dietitian Advice From The Pros

How YOU Can Help Your Picky Eater By Not Jumping To Conclusions!   Whether you have a toddler or a teen, nutrition is extremely important for your child’s physical and mental development. I’m sure you’ve seen the research stating that one in every three children is obese. But what are we supposed to do with […]