What Keeps You Going? Discovering The Tool That Will Pull You Out When You’re Struggling

When I was 15 years old, and still very much dealing with my eating disorder, I met a man named Peter who told me, “You can be whatever you want to be.” For a lot of people, this is an obvious statement. It’s something I tell my daughters all the time. But for me, this […]

Back to School: How To Get Rid Of Student Apathy

This week’s blog is written by J. Cohen, the Director of Educational Coaching for LW Wellness. Before we know it, school will be starting again. For some kids, the start of school brings excitement. But for others, it brings dread. If your child dreads school, or simply is bored by it, that makes your job […]

The Benefits Of A Psychological Assessment For Children Who Are Struggling


Our guest blogger this week is clinical psychologist Dr. Jessica Escott. She explains the important benefits of a psychological assessment for children and outlines specific cases where the results led to positive behavioral changes.   As a parent, you want the absolute best for your children so it is extremely difficult to watch them struggle, […]

The Other Side Of Rock Bottom: Recovering From An Eating Disorder

I will never forget the day that I stopped binging and purging. In my last blog, I talked about hitting my “rock bottom” moment. That was when I realized I had a problem, but although I wanted to stop, I couldn’t completely quit. Three years later (I was 24 years old and had moved to […]

A Note To Those Recovering From An Eating Disorder


As a therapist, I help many people overcome challenges in their lives. There’s a common misconception among many clients I’ve treated that mental health professionals all come from a strong foundation and haven’t dealt with the thoughts and feelings they are experiencing. The truth is, though, I became a therapist because of the struggles I […]