New Documentary Explores The Effects Of Screen Time On Children

A new documentary called “Screenagers” takes a close look at the epidemic we as parents are facing when it comes to our children and “screen time.” While I haven’t had the chance to see the film yet, just the trailer alone sparks some great questions and things to think about. The director, Delaney Ruston, is […]

The Key To Conscious Parenting

For the past 12 years I have had the pleasure of being the mother to three girls, and in that time, I have learned more about myself than I ever expected. I am writing this post because I want to propose that we occupy the role of parenthood in an entirely different way, with a […]

What To Include In A Nanny Contract

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that it’s a really good idea to draw up a contract when you hire a nanny. This is good for both you and the person you hire, as it outlines your expectations, sets up terms of payments and gives you both something to refer back to so there is no […]

Navigating Nannies And Technology: How To Keep Your Nanny Off Her Phone

Things have changed a lot since I was a nanny, and one of the biggest challenges I see today that didn’t exist in generations past is navigating technology and childcare. Not only is the constant presence of technology – smart phones, iPads, video games, etc. – something we have to monitor with our children, it’s […]

6 Brain Boosting Snacks To Serve Your Kids

Water Like many adults, kids often do not get enough water over the course of their day. If your kids find plain water unappealing, try chilling a pitcher of water with an infusion of fruit, such as oranges or strawberries, to add flavor. Greek Yogurt Fat is key to brain health, as it helps keep […]