3 Ways to Promote a Better Employer/Nanny Relationship

  Be united on all decisions. Make sure you and your nanny have discussed rules and disciplinary procedures for your children and are on the same page. Never reprimand or contradict your nanny in front of your children! Not only does this diminish their authority from your child’s point of view, but it also shows […]

Nanny’s First Day

It’s your nanny’s first day on the job; how can you ensure that things will run smoothly? Just as with any job, your new nanny will need a few days of “orientation” in order to acclimate to her new position with your family. Ideally, she would be able to shadow you for a day and […]

The Nanny Search

So you know you need to hire a nanny, but where do you begin looking?  For many parents, the task of finding a childcare professional can be daunting, even if this isn’t your first time going through the process. For those of you who are new to parenting, or who have recently relocated to a […]


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