5 Insider Tips On Finding The Right Therapist For You!

5 Insider Tips On How To Find The Right Therapist For You! Finding a therapist can be anxiety provoking! Deciding that you need a therapist is actually the easiest part. When I was shopping around for my first therapist, I wasn’t sure what to expect, what to ask or even what I needed. I hired […]

Nutritionist Tips

Nutritionist Tips: Your Top Asked Questions Answered by A Licensed Dietitian   Two of our expert dietitians, Elle and Dina, answered your most-asked questions about kids and nutrition. We were able to take the most important points from both of their responses and combine their answers. Enjoy!   1. What do I do about my […]

Why You Need A Private Yoga Instructor

Namaste all day. But first, yoga. Let’s get down, dog. Yoga is clearly having a moment in pop culture and fashion but it’s so much more than just a cute trend. Yoga has been popular for thousands of years, so what is the key to its staying power? It gives student the chance to learn […]

Finding The Right Family Psychologist

We all know that oft-quoted statistic that 50% of marriages end in divorce. A marriage and family therapist can help to prevent you from being a part of this frightening statistic. But what does a marriage and family therapist do? Do we need one? If we do, how do I choose the right one? We […]

How To Find A Good Child Psychologist

12 Things you Must know before finding a Child Psychologist If you are a parent who believes your child might benefit from seeing a child psychologist, first of all, you are not alone. I also know firsthand that the process can be extremely overwhelming. If you have no experience with the process, it can be […]