10 Tips From A Dietitian Nutritionist for Picky Eaters

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Some kids will only eat white foods. Some will only eat food topped with cheese. Some go through phases of only eating pancakes. We all want our children to eat nutritious, balanced meals so what do you do if your kid thinks vegetables are the equivalent of pond scum? These are our top 10 tips […]

How To Say Goodbye To An Eating Disorder: Notes From A Survivor & Mental Help Therapist

  Life is beautiful. I know this may be hard to see when you are in the depths of an eating disorder but I promise you, it is. I got to the other side of my eating disorder and you can as well! Please ask yourself my “five questions” as you read this week’s blog […]

How To Manage Your Child’s ADHD: A 5-Week Child Psychologist Plan

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ADHD and ADD are acronyms that you are likely familiar with by now. Many parents and medical professionals are concerned about the marked rise of ADHD over the last decade. Numerous people believe that the diagnosis is too readily given, and that ADHD medication is overused on American children. I have had many parents ask […]

How Do I Achieve My Best Personal Fitness?


Everyone is always talking about becoming a healthier version of themselves, but often people can’t articulate what that actually looks like. Do you know what changes you can make to lead a consistent healthier lifestyle? What tools do you need to achieve your fitness goals? There is no wrong time to start the process of […]

Get Your Blood Flowing With This 20 Minute Circuit

This week’s blog is written by Tracy Treible, a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor. You can find out more about Tracy and the services she offers by visiting our team page. Movement; it’s important. Now that I’m not 18 anymore, things hurt. Sometimes I wake up with a stiff neck from sleeping in […]