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3 Quick Tips For A Less Stressful Week

With Halloween weekend and trick-or-treating last night, I’m sure many moms are feeling exhausted. When any kind of holiday throws off the routine, it affects children even more than parents. It makes getting everyone off to school and to do things like homework way more stressful when you are dealing with exhausted kids (who have […]

Stress-Free Parenting Part 5: Connecting With Your Kids

I’ve been blogging the past month about stress-free parenting. This week, I’d like to focus on ways you can actively engage with your children when you don’t let stress get in your way. We are all busy parents and also have many  other responsibilities and stresses, which we tend to believe prevent us from spending quality […]

Effective Tools To Reduce Stress: Part 1

Whether you are a stay at home parent or working parent, raising children can be very stressful. As a mother of three girls, I occasionally find myself stressed about a variety of things. Learning how to calm myself and remain cool and full of energy in the midst of all the chaos that comes with […]

Adler’s Parenting Goals And How They Can Help You

One of the psychologists who had the most profound effect on me as a parent and went on to shape the entire philosophy of my company is Alfred Adler. As a middle child of seven children, Adler formulated a set of basic theories to articulate his views on equality, social interest and significance of birth order. He […]