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Drive Away Your Nail Biting

Do you hide your hands when meeting someone new? Do you find yourself mindlessly biting your nails or picking your cuticles while watching TV or when particularly stressed? Do you see this behavior in your child? We unpack nail biting/picking, explain why people do it, and share some of the best treatments for this habit.

6 Signs That It’s Time To Seek A Child Therapist

Nearly 5 million of our nation’s children are currently diagnosed with a mental health disorder. Kids are susceptible to developing a disorder due to risk factors in their biology or genetics, within their families, schools, and communities, and among their peers. So, how do you know if/when it’s time for your child to see a therapist? Read on for 6 signs that your child may need to begin therapy.

Advice from an NYC Sports Psychologist

Sports metaphors are everywhere. In business, in the classroom, in the movies, in finance, in our day-to-day life. Lots of us don’t play a sport anymore, or never even did, but the competitive anxieties still remain in our modern life, well beyond the field or court. We judge and compare ourselves to others, whether it’s through a co-worker’s career advancement or a traveling friend’s Instagram account.

5 Insider Tips On Finding The Right Therapist For You!

You’ve decided to see a therapist? Amazing! Now you just have to pick the right one and that’s the hard part. CBT? DBT? Psychologist vs Psychiatrist? Hypnosis? Sand tray? Dance Therapy? With so many types of therapy and practitioners, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, especially when you are dealing with the thing that made you want to go to therapy in the first place! We are here with insider tips to help you make sense of all the conflicting information out there and find the right therapist for you!