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The Time To Seek A Child Therapist

Nearly 5 million of our nation’s children are currently diagnosed with a mental health disorder. Kids are susceptible to developing a disorder due to risk factors in their biology or genetics; within their families, schools, and communities; and among their peers. So, how do you know if/when it’s time for your child to see a […]

What To Do About JUUL in Our UES Schools?

What To Do About JUUL in Our UES Schools? Are our teenagers getting addicted to nicotine in class? What can parents do about it? It was brought to my attention today that in at least two middle schools on the Upper East Side, kids are selling JUUL in the school bathroom. This is a major […]

Advice from an NYC Sports Psychologist

How To Deal With Your Competitive Anxiety: Everyday Advice from an NYC Sports Psychologist   “The ball’s in your court, now.” “She really hit it out of the park!” “He’s down for the count today.” “Help us score one for the team.” “Don’t drop the ball on this one.” “We’re down to the wire!”   […]

5 Insider Tips On Finding The Right Therapist For You!

You’ve decided to see a therapist, amazing! Now you just have to pick the right one and that’s the hard part. CBT? DBT? Psychologist vs Psychiatrist? Hypnosis? Sand tray? Dance Therapy? With so many types of therapy and practitioners, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, especially when you are dealing with the thing that made you […]

Nutritionist Tips

Nutritionist Tips: Your Top Asked Questions Answered by A Licensed Dietitian   Two of our expert dietitians, Elle and Dina, answered your most-asked questions about kids and nutrition. We were able to take the most important points from both of their responses and combine their answers. Enjoy!   1. What do I do about my […]

Finding The Right Family Psychologist

We all know that oft-quoted statistic that 50% of marriages end in divorce. A marriage and family therapist can help to prevent you from being a part of this frightening statistic. But what does a marriage and family therapist do? Do we need one? If we do, how do I choose the right one? We […]

How To Find A Good Child Psychologist

12 Things you Must know before finding a Child Psychologist If you are a parent who believes your child might benefit from seeing a child psychologist, first of all, you are not alone. I also know firsthand that the process can be extremely overwhelming. If you have no experience with the process, it can be […]