Our Story Is Likely Your Story

No one gives you a handbook when you become a parent. The emotions you go through and the information you so desperately crave when it comes to shepherding your children from birth to adolescence can be overwhelming and confusing. When you feel like you’ve hit a roadblock with childcare or you feel like your family is struggling with something, you shouldn’t feel powerless – and that’s where we come in.

Our founder is Limor Weinstein. Her early years as a Nanny combined with over 15 years as a Therapist have given her a unique perspective on what Collaborative Care can and should be. When she and her husband started their own family, she saw a major void when it came to a support system and resources for parents. This is what drove her to establish LW Wellness.

Our team consists of passionate Service Providers that care deeply. Our incredible team of professionals bring you resources, training and a platform to learn and grow as part of a community. By intervening with children and families early on and helping them find the right services, we hope to create a stronger foundation that will lead to a happier and healthier future.